ANMLY means a deviation from the common rule. That's what we are, a tech company that's not just here to sell you plastic. Rather, we are a group of creatives hell-bent on exploring the multiverse. We're focused on using technology for the betterment of society, and we believe that VR if used for the right reasons, can have a serious positive impact. 

With our products, we aim to solve unsolved problems. With our apps, we aim to bring creative, educational and mind evolving experiences.

Please help us grow. 

Mikie Krisztal, Founder, CEO, ANMLY



Let's get deep for a second.

"But... I'm not so sure about VR and all this technology taking over everything"

Truthfully, we think about that a lot. We don't believe that virtual reality should replace reality, but the very real positive benefits of VR experiences shouldn't be ignored. By creating a feeling of ‘presence', VR has tremendous potential in the fields of education and healthcare. Studies have shown success in wellness efforts too, relieving symptoms of PTSD, anxiety, conquering fears/phobias, meditation. It's also been found to be very useful in education. We want to focus on utilizing this technology for good. Planning to hike Mount Kilimanjaro? Check out some training tips and tours before you book. It's one thing to watch the Northern Lights on a TV screen, it's another to stand under them and look up. Get inspired, not sucked in.